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legal services in azerbaijan

Legal services in Azerbaijan

Legal services are the most important subject of our activity and we do all the work related to this activity. But these are the different areas mentioned below.
The field of corporate law is the establishment of companies and the opening of bank accounts and amendments to the registration papers and stop the activity of companies and liquidation, including the registration of natural persons as a commercial institution and the cancellation and is part of it. We, as a legal company, help you with our long years of experience in organizing your business properly and we are here to support you all the time.

Legal services in Azerbaijan

The issue of residency for foreign investors and corporate partners in the Republic of Azerbaijan is a very important issue to do their work successfully. And of course, our company to release the legal papers and accounting papers relating to residence and delivery of papers to the government agencies authorized for the purpose of obtaining residence and complete these procedures and provide you with the document of residence as soon as possible and for a reasonable period.

If you have problems in the amount of tax payments as well as problems in dealing with the tax authorities we can take responsibility for these things and solve problems.
Relations between husband and wife and family members are an important issue in civil law. We can answer all your questions about marriage, whether before or after marriage, and to release agreements at the time of marriage.

The theme of property is a major part of civil law. You should benefit from the help of expert lawyers in the privatization of land, apartments and other real estate and in the registration of ownership of your name. And the issue of inheritance procedures after the death of the owner is very difficult and we help you on these things also from the beginning to the end without the degree of difficulty.

Employers and customers can benefit from our experience in solving problems in the field of labor relations, registering the agreement between the employer and the employee, securing the employees, creating suitable conditions for the workers, etc.
In addition, our company represents your interests in the local and international courts of all kinds and provides the services of the lawyer in this matter.
You can get to know all our services in case you have more information about them.

Legal services

are consisting of the followings

Marital and Family Law

Marital and Family Law

Marital and Family Law Laws.az provides services to citizens and foreigners in solving...



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