legalCompany Incorporation in Azerbaijan

Dear friends, welcome to our website. Our company provides all kinds of consultancy in the establishment of the company in Azerbaijan. Thus the establishment of business in Azerbaijan of all kinds. If you want to organize a business in Azerbaijan, you must establish a company to arrange things legally. The establishment of the company in Azerbaijan includes the following:

(A) fix the name of the company;

B- Issuing the decision to establish the company and issued by the partner or partners of the company and the appointment of the manager and determine the capital of the company

C) Editing the Company’s Articles of Association, which is the first page with the name of the company and the name of the government entity that registers it with the government register

Payment of government fees for the establishment of the company in Azerbaijan

C – Edit the request expressed on several pages and ratified by the writer work

(E) To release the agreement with the designated governmental authorities regarding the electronic exchange of papers and receipt of the secret code for subsequent matters

Payment of the capital of the company designated in the establishment decision

D- Receiving the legal address of the company and releasing the other founding papers and submitting all the papers to the governmental body

Stamping request for the company to one of the seal processing office in Azerbaijan Republic

Receiving the founding papers, stamping and reviewing the bank to open the bank account of the company

G) Receive the electronic signature (ASAN) to solve some of the coming things as possible

O Rent office or shop and start official work in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

You have to pay attention to some points when establishing such as the activity of the company. Submission of applications to the competent government authorities and for our long experience we will arrange all legal procedures to establish the company.

We can establish a company in Azerbaijan in the basis of the power of attorney document issued by your country. That document shoulb be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country and the Azerbaijani embassy in your country. We officially translate it into Azerbaijan and authenticate it to the Notary Public’s Office and give it an official form. We take the necessary measures in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

We hope to cooperate with you and be your friend to defend your interests in the Republic of Azerbaijan.