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Registration of company in Azerbaijan

The company is registered in Azerbaijan with the government authorities authorized to edit the papers and the following procedures:

A – The trade name of your company in Azerbaijan. What is important is that it be a new name in Azerbaijan and not registered before.

B- Organizing the founding decision of the company, appointing the director of the company from Azerbaijani or foreign persons and determining the capital of the company

C) Arranging the statute with the name of the company, the capital of the company and the general rules of the company’s management in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

(D) Transfer of government fees for the registration of the company in Azerbaijan

C- Written request to the government agency to register the company in Azerbaijan with its ratification by the notary public

Signing the agreement between the Company and the authorized governmental body regarding the exchange of official papers through Net.

Payment of the company’s capital to the bank

D- Ratification of the company’s legal title paper to the notary public

Requesting the production of the seal to be received after receipt of the company’s registration papers

Receiving ready-made papers and stamping and going to the bank to open the bank account.

G – Rent the right place for your company and do business in the official territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

We inform you that our company performs all services to register the company with the competent authorities and provide all ready-made papers and services after registration of the company such as accommodation and development of business and other services.