Family and Marriage LawMarital and Family Law provides services to citizens and foreigners in solving problems related to marital relations. Marriage and divorce law, the distribution of property, the right of father and mother and child custody are regulated by the Family Law and Marriage Law, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code and the Family Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Family law and marriage
Our company provides the following services in the field of family relations and marriage:

Determination of the place of residence of the husband or wife after divorce
The marriage contract or its section is invalid
Cancellation of marriage contract at the request of husband or wife
Sharing the common denominator between spouses after divorce
The marriage contract is false or illegal
Determination of maintenance for children or parents
The father (or mother) is stripped of the right of the father (mother)
Resolve issues related to heredity and inheritance distribution
Solve other issues
In addition, our company provides consultations and consultations regarding the marriage contract between Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan) and foreigners (or foreigners) according to the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

What is important is that Azerbaijan does not support polygamy. For this reason, the foreign party must submit to the Civil Status Department of Azerbaijan a statement issued by the State Department in the foreign country and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs abroad (in the country where the foreigner lives and is a citizen) ) And the Azerbaijani embassy in the same country. After this, the statement is translated into Azerbaijan with the ratification of the notary’s office and the review is made to the competent authority (the city) for marriage. The two parties write a request for the marriage contract and the marriage takes place at least one month from the date of application. A marriage is held for less than a month in certain extraordinary circumstances.

In Azerbaijan Omar Saleh is married to 17 women and 18 men.

Our company obtains all papers related to marriage and consultation to obtain the required papers (eg medical examination in a designated hospital in Baku and after the provinces). Only a foreigner is required to state that he or she has no official spouse before coming to Azerbaijan.