residence permit in azerbaijan

Residence Permit in Azerbaijan

The subject of residence in Azerbaijan is one of the most important topics for those who want to carry out trade in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In this section we give you information about obtaining your stay in Azerbaijan. In the Republic of Azerbaijan we have several conditions for obtaining residence. Of these conditions:

First: Marriage from Azerbaijan

Second: Buying the apartment in Azerbaijan. In the case of buying the apartment, the price of the apartment or property must be more than 100 thousand mant. The price of the apartment is assessed by the agency inspection of real estate prices within one month after the request of the owner of the apartment.

Third: Study in Azerbaijani schools. Those who enter universities or non-high schools to study)

Fourth: Practice in trade in Azerbaijan. This means establishing the company, doing business, business services, etc.

Fifth: Other cases according to the laws of Azerbaijan.

Each condition has specific conditions as we mentioned. Here we would like to give you a way to get a stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan through the establishment of the company in Azerbaijan. Means a person who established a limited liability company and then wants to obtain residence, he must follow the following:

First, a person must enter Azerbaijan with a business or business visa. Because people who have entered Azerbaijan on a tourist visa can not review the government for a residence in Azerbaijan. But he can establish the company even if he entered Azerbaijan on a tourist visa. Second, he must lease the office of the company after the establishment of the company and start commercial practice in Azerbaijan.

A civil servant has the right to refuse his review of residence if he has doubt that he founded the company solely for the purpose of receiving the residence.

This is why it is essential that the company be operational. The person who received the residence has the right to trade without leaving Azerbaijan. And has the right to enter Azerbaijan without receiving a visa during the duration of the residence document.

We act as a legal consulting firm. We provide all services to you and your company until you receive a residence permit in Azerbaijan. As a result of the establishment of the company within a reasonable period.

Do not be in a hurry to get back to the residence immediately after you have established the company and encourage you to take the necessary walkers from us at every step towards these important works.

For more information, it is necessary to visit our office and explain all aspects of these matters.